You, Me, We

The Museum opened its newest exhibit, You, Me, We, in February 2023, which was created to address an issue of national significance— the empathy deficit. You, Me, We rests on the belief that understanding similarities, differences, and fairness leads to the cultivation of empathy and ultimately drives us to take steps to create a more equitable world.

This engaging exhibition space encourages families to connect with each other around questions of fairness in the world, and express themselves through guided identity exploration. You, Me, We addresses an urgent need in our society for self-reflection, in order to disrupt bias and build empathy for one another. In response to and in support of needs identified by parents and caregivers, You, Me, We offers adults thoughtful guidance and tools to more deeply engage with children in their lives as they begin to perceive, explore, and question topics such as identity, stereotyping, discrimination, and more.